With the festive season around the corner, the excitement for Black Friday is building up across the UK. Black Friday, is known for its amazing deals and bustling shopping scene. To make the most of the discounts, smart UK shoppers know that planning is key. This Black Friday guide is here to help you navigate the madness and save big.

A Brief History of Black Friday and Why It Matters in the UK

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving in the US, has been a cornerstone of the American shopping calendar since the 1950s. While its origins remain unclear, it’s widely believed to stem from the practice of stores operating at a loss (in the red) until turning a profit (in the black) on this day.

In the UK, Black Friday has gained significant traction in recent years, becoming an unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. Many UK consumers wait until Black Friday to make significant purchases, taking advantage of the big discounts and wide range of deals.

Doorbusters, Early Bird Specials, and Online Exclusives

Black Friday deals in the UK come in various forms, each with its unique characteristics:


“Doorbusters” refer to heavily discounted items or promotions that are offered by retailers during special sales events, typically at the opening or early hours of a store’s operation.

The term “doorbuster” implies that these deals are so good that they could theoretically draw crowds rushing to the store as soon as the doors open, or even bust the doors open in their enthusiasm.

These deals are often used as a tactic to attract shoppers and create a sense of urgency. Doorbusters are usually available in limited quantities, encouraging customers to arrive early and be among the first to take advantage of the significant discounts.

Early Bird Specials

“Early bird specials” refer to discounted prices or promotions offered to customers who make a purchase or take advantage of a deal during a specific early time frame.

This marketing strategy is designed to incentivise early shoppers and create a sense of urgency. Early bird specials are often used in retail and hospitality industries, and they can be part of various promotions, sales events, or product launches. These deals are available before the official start of Black Friday.

Online exclusives

“Online exclusives” refer to products, services, or promotions that are available exclusively through online channels and are not offered in physical brick-and-mortar stores.

This strategy is commonly employed by retailers and businesses operating both online and offline to drive traffic to their online platforms, encourage online sales, and leverage the unique capabilities of e-commerce.

Planning and Preparation for Black Friday Success in the UK

Before the Black Friday frenzy begins, it’s a must to have a plan in place. Creating a shopping list and setting a budget are essential steps to avoid making impulse purchases and overspending.

List items you genuinely need, such as household essentials, clothing, or electronics that you’ve been planning to purchase. You may even want to add Christmas gifts to the list and save some money on those.

Decide on the total amount you’re willing to spend on Black Friday. Consider your overall financial situation and how much you can comfortably allocate to shopping.

Researching Black Friday deals in advance is key, allowing you to identify the best deals and prioritise your shopping list accordingly.

Conquering the Black Friday Crowds

People in a store on Black Friday.

Black Friday shopping can be an intense experience, especially in crowded retail stores across the UK.

To conquer Black Friday crowds successfully, strategic planning is key. Before heading out, research store layouts, prioritise your shopping list, and consider online options.

By arriving when the shops open, you have a better chance of securing popular items and experiencing a less chaotic shopping environment. Shopping later in the day can also be advantageous for avoiding crowds, however, keep in mind that popular items may be sold out by this time.

Dress comfortably, use a smaller shopping trolley, and consider shopping alone or with a companion so that you can get around the store quickly.

Stay calm, patient, and aware of your surroundings, adhering to store policies for safety. After shopping, take breaks, review your purchases, and maintain a positive mindset.

By implementing these tips, you can make the most of Black Friday deals while minimising stress and ensuring a successful shopping experience.

Remember to check for return policies before making purchases to ensure peace of mind.

Consider the Impact of Your Purchases on Black Friday

While Black Friday presents an opportunity for great savings, it’s important to consider the ethical and sustainable implications of your purchases. Supporting eco-friendly brands, avoiding impulse buys, and considering secondhand options are ways to make a positive impact while enjoying the benefits of Black Friday shopping in the UK.


Black Friday, with its incredible deals and electric atmosphere, can be an exciting and rewarding shopping experience for UK consumers. By following the tips outlined in this post, you can navigate the Black Friday frenzy with confidence, maximizing your savings while making informed and responsible purchases.

Remember, a well-planned approach and a focus on your needs will make Black Friday a shopping success in the UK.