We’ve been searching for good deals on Polaroid cameras and are excited to share our findings with you.  But remember, the Polaroid Camera sale won’t last forever! Prices are subject to change at any time. So if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to snap it up.

Polaroid Now Gen 2 Instant Camera – Black

Save 17%!

The Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Film Camera is your new companion for capturing and preserving your everyday moments. This is not just any camera, it’s the Now Generation 2 – an analogue instant camera that’s been revamped and upgraded. It’s eco-friendly, with 40% of its materials being recycled, and it comes with a USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Now camera boasts a double exposure feature, allowing you to encapsulate two moments in a single frame. It also includes a self-timer and a precise flash, ensuring everyone looks their best in the photos.

The Polaroid Now Generation 2 is compatible with both i-Type and 600 film (sold separately), so you can point, shoot, and keep your memories forever.

To top it all off, the camera is available in four vibrant colours: Black, Panda, Red, and Blue. Each camera comes with a neck strap and a USB charging cable.

Polaroid Go Instant Camera – White

Save 17%!

Introducing the Polaroid Go camera, the smallest member of the Polaroid family, designed to be portable, wearable, and perfect for on-the-go. This compact device allows you to create big memories in a smaller format, making it your ideal partner in creativity.

The Polaroid Go camera comes with a double exposure feature, adding an extra layer to your creative vision. It’s also selfie-ready, equipped with a reflective mirror for finding your perfect light, and a self-timer to ensure you’re always in the frame.

Despite its small size, the Polaroid Go camera doesn’t compromise the classic Polaroid experience. It produces photos in a pocket-friendly format (2.62 x 2.12” / 66.6 x 53.9mm, Image area: 1.85 x 1.81” / 47 x 46mm), allowing you to take your inspiration everywhere.

Please note, that the Polaroid Go camera is compatible with Polaroid Go film only (sold separately). Capture your world in an instant with the Polaroid Go camera!

Polaroid Now+ Instant Camera i-Type – Calm Blue

Save 21%!

Meet the Polaroid Now+, the most creative camera yet. This camera is packed with features that give you more control and creative possibilities. It’s an updated version of our classic analogue instant camera.

With the Polaroid mobile app, you can unlock even more creative tools. It’s easy to focus with aperture priority, and you can create cinematic photos with the tripod mode. Plus, you can experiment with light painting, double exposure, and manual mode.

The Polaroid Now+ comes with five lens filters to match your mood. You can saturate your photos with colour, deepen the contrast, or add dreamy effects. The filters include starburst, red vignette, orange, blue, and yellow, and they come in a zip-through pouch for safekeeping.

The camera has a tripod mount to keep your ideas steady for longer. It’s compatible with both Polaroid i-Type and 600 film (sold separately).

And with autofocus, the Polaroid Now+ camera automatically selects the right lens to get your idea in focus.

Polaroid Everything Box Now Gen 2 Instant Camera – Black

Save 14%!

the Polaroid Now Generation 2 Camera + Film Bundle – your complete package for capturing life’s moments in classic Polaroid style. This point-and-shoot analogue instant camera is all you need to transform fleeting moments into tangible memories.

The bundle includes the sleek Now i-Type Instant Camera in black, along with a double pack of Color i-Type Film, providing you with 16 photos. This means you’re ready to start shooting right out of the box.

The Now camera is compatible with both i-Type film and 600 film, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred film type.