Save a whopping £200 on the Estella High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa bed!

The Estella High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed is a 5-star worthy investment for your child’s comfort and convenience! It’s an all-in-one solution for sleeping, studying, and even hosting sleepovers. The desk provides an excellent workspace for completing homework or enjoying video games, with three shelves to keep books and stationery within easy reach.

The upholstered corner sofa offers a cosy spot for reading or relaxation. When the weekend arrives, the sofa can be transformed into a futon for sleepovers. Additional cushions can be used for fun pillow fights or conveniently stored in the hidden bench.

With the Estella Loft Bed, children and teenagers have everything they need in one place. Plus, you’ll be saving £200 on this purchase, making it a win-win situation for both comfort and savings!